Discover the Hidden Goldmine In Your Business

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Amongst marketing pros, ‘hidden gold mine’ is code-talk for ‘client list’!

In fact, if you hire a business coach or marketing professional, one of the very first strategies they will ask you to implement is to begin marketing to your existing client list. (Oh and by the way… they’ll charge you a pretty penny to reveal that strategy!)

Tests have proven that a client who has already purchased from you is very likely to purchase again. And marketing to your existing clients is a thousand times easier than marketing to clients who have never heard of you. After all, these are people who have shown interest in your product or service, trust you and know your name.

So, your practical steps for today:

  1. If you don’t have a client list – start collecting names immediately! Run a competition or offer a free gift if you have to… just start collecting those names. They really are your gold-mine. Never let a person slip through your business without collecting their name and contact information.
  2. Start marketing to your list. You could consider starting an email newsletter, or you could send monthly postcards by snail-mail. Whatever you do, keep in touch with your clients. If you haven’t marketed to your list before, why not start with a simple direct mail campaign? A 2 or 3 step campaign will allow you to touch-base with old clients, make them an irresistible offer and even introduce your new newsletter. Combine this with powerful, persuasive copy and you’ll be amazed at the profit-boosting results.

P.S. When/If the time comes to sell your business, your client-list is often the most valuable asset you possess. A well-maintained client list will help you fetch more for your business… another reason your list is so aptly called your ‘goldmine’.

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