How to Create Your USP – Part 1 – What’s Different About Your Business?

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Why Everybody Must Know You’re Different, Better or Best… Including Your Customers… and YOU and Your Staff)

What’s different about your business?

I know, I know… you’ve been asked that question before!

Well, I’m not trying to annoy you by asking it again. Instead, I am very seriously asking you to stop and ask yourself:

What makes you stand out from your competitors… and why should your customers buy from you and not someone else?

Depending on how much you’ve thought about this before, it could take you a few seconds, or many days to answer.

Once you can give an answer in a nutshell then you have successfully created the basis for a great USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Actually, I’ve heard it said different ways. Here are just a few:

• USP – Unique Selling Proposition
• USP – Unique Selling Advantage
• UBA – Unique Buying Advantage
• UPB – Unique Perceived Benefit
• UPA – Unique Purchase Appeal
• UCA – Unique Comparative Advantage
• UCA – Unique Competitive Advantage
• PDF – Personal Differentiating Factor
• PDF – Product Differentiating Factor

If you take time to think about each of these terms, you’ll see that although they all mean the same thing, they each have a slightly different perspective. Some of the terms are from the seller’s perspective and others are from the buyer’s perspective.

Actually, it doesn’t matter which term you use. I suggest you choose the term that works most powerfully for YOU.

Whichever term you use (we’ll use USP because that’s the most common term), your USP will help you sell your business to your customers.

A great USP is the basis of great advertising… and I don’t mean fancy, good-looking, expensive advertising! No, by great advertising, I mean:

Advertising that powerfully and repeatedly attracts many new customers.

That’s why you must know without a shadow of a doubt what sets your business apart from your competitors… and that becomes your USP.

If your customers don’t know what makes your business their best option, it’s time to start telling them. After all, why should they buy from you?

Recently I went out for dinner with a group of friends to a Sizzler restaurant. I have avoided Sizzler for many years because I didn’t like the idea of buffet food sitting out in the open.

As I was putting food on my plate I noticed the waitress using a thermometer to check every dish and then completely replacing dishes with fresh ones – even if the existing dish was still full.

I commented about this to my friend (the friend who had organized the night). My friend is a Sizzler regular. She said that Sizzler was always bringing out fresh food and checking that it was kept at the right temperature – hot or cold as required.

Well… If I had known THAT…
I wouldn’t have avoided them for so many years.

Why didn’t I know? After all, I had seen the Sizzler ads on television. I remember their slogan was something along the lines of “fresher… tastier… yummier”.

But, doesn’t that sound just like every other food ad?

Actually, I can think of quite a few restaurant ads right now that promote ‘fresh’ or ‘tasty’. Who cares? If I’m going out to pay for prepared food… it had better be fresh and tasty or I’m going to complain!

(Continues – Click here to read more about how to create your USP in Part 2 of this Series)

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