How to Create Your USP – Part 2 – Avoiding the “Me Too” Mistake

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How To Avoid the Miserable ‘Me Too’ Mistake

Continuing our discussion from Part 1, in my humble opinion, Sizzler has fallen into the…

Miserable Me-Too Mentality

Now, if Sizzler had created a USP to truly set themselves apart from other restaurants, they might have created something like this:

Sizzler… The Only Truly-Fresh Buffet… Salads Stay Crisp with Careful Monitored Cooling and Hot Buffet Food Arrives Fresh Out of the Oven… Every 30 Minutes Guaranteed!

Sizzler… Fresh Salads Every 30 Minutes Guaranteed!

Now, I’ve just made up these simple examples off the top of my head… but with time and thought this USP could be narrowed to a powerful selling tool with laser-beam focus.

Since Sizzler is using television advertising already, it would be very easy for them to communicate the message with visual demonstrations.

A similar example that has now become famous around the world is Dominos Pizza. Their USP slogan is:

“Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes, or it’s free”

Can you see how this USP makes a unique promise to the customer?

Dominos could have adopted the Sizzler approach and told the world about their “Fresh, Tasty Pizza”… but that wouldn’t have brought the success they have today.

Instead, their USP statement tells the world exactly why everyone should buy pizza from Dominos and not their competitors.

It’s a statement that sets Dominos apart.

It doesn’t even matter that Dominos pizza is quite possibly not as good as Bob’s Pizza or Bill’s Pizza… because Dominos has given the customer a reason to buy from them!

Now Let’s Talk About Your USP?

When it comes to the crunch, many business owners give up on creating their USP. Why? Well, simply because it’s not terribly easy.

It can be downright tough – especially if your business, product or service is not unique.

If you have a unique, one of a kind business, you can probably create a USP quite easily. But, if yours is like most businesses, you’re slotted in amongst hundreds of others just like you. And that’s why…

I can’t say it strongly enough…

You need to persevere… keep thinking and brainstorming… and don’t stop (no matter how difficult it is) until you have created your USP.

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