How to Create Your USP – Part 3 – Winning Customers

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How to Be the Business that Beats All the Others And Takes Home the Customers

…continuing from Part 2

Whether you a service provider like an electrician, plumber, gardener or painter; or you sell products – clothing, books, electronics, gifts, etc., you need to work hard at standing out from the crowd.

Here’s how:

Option 1: State the Obvious

If your USP is obvious (your product or services are better quality, more unique, better priced, guaranteed etc.), make sure your customers know.

For example, in most businesses it is standard to offer an exchange or refund if the product or service turns out to be faulty.

Whilst this guarantee may seem obvious (with many customers taking it for granted), why not state the obvious in the form of a USP?

I would estimate that, at some point in time, 90% or more businesses include in their advertising the old cliché “satisfaction guaranteed”.

Can you see then, that it’s not such a big step to turn this clichéd guarantee into a USP… just by asking “what’s guaranteed?” Is it the product, the parts or the service? “How long is it guaranteed for?” “Do I get my money back with this guarantee?”

“Satisfaction Guaranteed” is hardly a USP, but it can be transformed into a great USP with a little bit of work.

That’s how a boring, overlooked “satisfaction guaranteed” statement can be turned into a powerful, customer-pulling, business-driving USP.

Here are some examples:

Before: “satisfaction guaranteed”

After 1: “If you’re not 100% happy with __ service we’ll return until you are”

After 2: “If you change your mind, simply return ___ with 30 days”

After 3: “Make an Extra $1000 Using ___ or Return for a Full Refund”

So, by offering nothing more than you did before, you have turned your “satisfaction guaranteed” policy into a clear USP. Now you’re shouting out a clear benefit to the customer that will make them buy from you!

Option 2: Create an Offer

If you honestly believe there’s nothing special about your business, product or service… that there’s nothing that sets you apart, then it’s time to think creatively.

Customer Benefits – If there aren’t any, create some.

By creating a great offer, you are creating a benefit to your customer. All you need to do then is phrase the offer so that it becomes your USP.

Here are some ideas that can be applied to any business.

  • Niche-ify. Become laser-focused on a small market (known as a niche). If you’re a plumber, be the only plumber who specializes in two storey houses. If you’re a baker, bake the only Gluten Free or Diabetes-Friendly bread in your area.
  • Create an amazing guarantee that completely removes the risk of buying from you. Can the customer return their item, receive a refund or receive an exchange?
  • Offer a FREE trial.
  • Give away something for FREE. A great idea is to provide a FREE report about (or relating to) your product or service. The report gives you a chance to establish yourself as an expert, show what you can do and add value to your customers at the same time.

Once you’ve created customer benefits… especially benefits your competitors don’t offer, it’s time to create your USP. Here are a few examples:

  • Free Trial
    100% Décor Piece of Mind… All Rugs Come with a 2-Day FREE Home Trial and Exchange Service.
  • Risk Eliminating Guarantee
    You’ll Notice Your Computer Runs Faster… Or Your Money Back
  • Niche:
    Better Bread Bakery… Your Sugar-Free Health-Loaf Baked Fresh Every Day
  • Free Giveaway
    You Get a FREE ‘7 Secrets to ___ Success” with Every Order

Special Note –It Doesn’t Have to Be a Slogan!

It’s true that all of the above USP statements have been presented in the form of a slogan… one or two clear, concise benefit-oriented sentences.

If you’re having trouble whittling down your USP to a concise slogan, don’t stress. Plenty of successful ads have been run without a slogan.

Instead of a slogan, you could simply use headlines in your advertising to introduce the customer benefits of your USP.

For example:

7 Reasons You Would be Crazy Not to Buy Your ____From Us

• Benefit #1… e.g. results.
• Benefit #2… e.g. free trial.
• Benefit #3… e.g. free report, offer.
• Benefit #4… e.g. guarantee.
• Benefit #5… e.g. money back offer.
• Benefit #6… e.g. niche-expertise or location.
• Benefit #7… e.g. other.

Can you see how a simple heading and bullet-list of benefits can easily convey your USP… without using a slogan?
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