How to Create Your USP – Part 4 – Getting it Done

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Continuing from Part 3

The Guaranteed Pain You Will Experience If You Ignore My Advice

It sounds harsh, but it’s reality.

Without a USP, you and/or your business will suffer pain.

Mostly, there is financial pain. Without a USP, your advertising will under-perform. Much of the money you spend on advertising will be wasted. Without a USP, you might spend $500 on an ad that generates one phone call. With a USP, that same $500 ad could generate 5-10 phone calls.

Then there is physical pain – the physical pain caused by stress – headache, neck-ache, backache.

All this is from the stress of not knowing where your next customer is coming from.
The stress of waiting for phone calls every time you place an ad… only to hear not one phone ring. The stress of wondering how you will pay your bills… let alone how you will pay yourself, or your employees.

Advertising with a USP takes this stress away.


Because it works.

With a great USP and a well designed ad, you know you’ll get some return on your advertising dollar.

If you need customers, begin to declare your USP to everyone you know (including your existing customers) and ask them to tell their friends. Do this, and just watch the customers flood in the door.

So what are you waiting for?

Take Action… The Ball’s In Your Court Now

Are you ready to get results?

I’ll admit, there’s a whole lot more to successful marketing than your USP; but if you don’t at least have a USP, there’s really nowhere else to start.

You see, a USP becomes your offer. So any advertising you create – display ads, direct mail, sales letters, yellow pages ads, emails, websites, etc. – need to be based around your USP. If they’re not, you’re leaving customers behind and money on the table.

So let’s get you started…

Action Step 1: Create Your USP

Get to work! Start thinking about your USP today. Give your customer a reason to buy from you!

Examples of Well-Known USPs:

  • Federal Express – “When it absolutely, positively has to get there overnight.”
  • M&M’s – “Melt in your mouth, not in your hand.”
  • “Security Systems… Designed and Built By A Policeman.”

Here are some USP fill-in-the-blanks examples and templates to get you started on your own USP…

  • 93% of Our Clients Get Results in ___ Days.
  • We Have __ Waiting For Yor Call in ____ (Suburb) Now.
  • You get ____ or it’s free!
  • When you need _____, we _____, in ________ minutes/days.
  • Custom-Made Service for _______. (Specify a suburb, profession, Title, etc. Be Specific)
  • ___________________ in __ minutes or less.
  • Only __% markup on wholesale prices.
  • Flat Fees. No Hidden Costs.
  • ________ in just 7 Days, or your money back.
  • On time or the First Hour is Free.
  • Challenge Us… We’ll beat any quote by 10%.

Action Step 2: Tell the World

Now that you have a USP, get it working for you as soon as possible. Here’s how:

  • Write a script or slogan to summarize your USP clearly and concisely.
  • Make sure YOU and YOUR STAFF memorize the script or slogan.
  • Have your staff answer the phone with your USP.
  • Integrate your USP into ALL of your print advertising. Put it at the top of your ads. Hint: replace your logo with your USP… you won’t regret it!
  • Where possible, print your USP on your product, business cards, shop-front or signs. If you’re a service provider, leave flyers declaring your new USP to your customers.
  • Revise your business cards to include your USP.

Action Step 3: Don’t Stop Now

A great USP is just the start of your business transformation. Whilst you can’t go anywhere without it… you can’t stop here either. There’s a whole lot more to learn about marketing to explode your business profits.

So keep learning. Gather every piece of marketing advice you can.

The good news is…

You’ve done the hard part!

Everything you learn from here on in will be fine tuning your advertising… based on your amazing new USP.

“People Can See the Enormous Value of Getting Expert Help to Create An Outstanding USP That Sells

If You Have Trouble with the following Action Steps…

If You’re Too Busy or Time-Poor to do it Yourself…

Then I’d love to help you … pop on over to my website and I’ll help you create your USP. Remember, a great USP forms the basis of truly magnetic ads that your customers just can’t ignore.

Visit now.

Don’t put your business success off any longer.

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