How to Persuade Your Prospects to Buy Now!

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If Your Copywriter Ignores These Scientific Persuasion Tactics… You’re Leaving Money on the Table

Just a smattering of proven tactics I weave into your copy:

  • Hollywood’s Secret Sales Formula… the same formula that consistently sells millions of movies and books worldwide also works for you!
  • Underground Investigation Tactics Make or Break Your Campaign… the system I use to research your market hunts down, sniffs out and distills the ‘inside knowledge’ needed to nail the emotional hot-buttons of your ideal prospect.

Shona… You’ve reminded me of an important principle here; know your customer.
Thanks for the insight.
– Bill Hanover,

  • Dynamic Layering Lifts Your Copy Beyond Just Words… this skill controls the pitch, mood, pacing & leading of your sales letter through techniques known as rhythm, pausing and matching.

     “You don’t need to know exactly what these tactics are… you just need to know that I’m using them in your sales copy… and they result in massive persuasive power.” – Shona

     Here’s a few more…

Tricks of the Trade That
Pull Your Prospects Like Moths to a Flame

  • Hypnotic Sensory Sequencing Creates Desire… every reader connects to your sales message differently – and this powerful technique is the easy way to ensure each reader gets the attention they deserve.
  • The “Yes” Switch… puts a clever spin on words that instantly compels readers to agree with your message.
  • “Takeaway Selling”… the ultimate copy strategy for eliminating buyer procrastination. Gets you the sale today!
  • My Surefire “Maximum Results” Checklist… rakes through your sales copy with a fine-toothed comb. Every word gets tweaked. Every concept is refined for maximum impact… and maximum results.

Shona… I know that you create WOW, so I will just await my delighted as usual response while you do your magic!… compliments with love and Joy…xx.
- Rosemary Pekar,

And It’s These Skills
Where Many Copywriters Fail…

  • 80% of Copy Has No "Big Idea"… Warning: without a core selling concept cleverly integrated into your sales copy, your marketing will underperform… I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen to you!
  • The "Easy Read"… when I write your sales copy, the end result will flow like honey… making it an effortless, ‘easy read’ for your visitors… a surefire way to woo your prospect!  
  • 75% of Copywriters Have No Concept of the "Strategic Big Picture"… this is the key to getting optimum results from your copywriting… it’s all about your list, your offer and your positioning. 
  • Winning "Copy Design"… selling online is a visual experience… I’ll make sure you get the design brief and/or layout guidelines you need for your copy to hit a home run. 

And much, much more. 

That’s good stuff, Shona! Beautifully detailed and explained. Outstanding advice! – Dale King,

If You Want To Sell More Online or Offline…
Here’s Exactly What to Do:

2 Easy Steps…

  1. Click here to fill in the friendly free quote form to get your FREE Advice and Obligation Free Quote. If you’re one of the clever business-people that can see the clear advantage professionally written sales copy will give to your business… I’d love to help, so go ahead and fill in the form to tell me more about your business.
  2. Relax with my 100% Results-Focused Guarantee!

      I know I can get great results for you… but remember, your advertising success depends on many variables besides the copy I write (we can talk about them in-depth if you like) and that’s why I can’t legally guarantee certain income or profits; but I do guarantee I will look after your needs. Here’s how:

100% Results-Focused Guarantee
If you’re not happy with your copy, I’ll revise it to your specific guidelines within 10 working days of delivery - FREE!

If you’re unhappy with the results from your copy and you let me know within 30 days of delivery, I’ll rewrite the same project – FREE!

Now that’s looking after you!

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