Be brave, a BOLD guarantee boosts profits!

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It’s a fact.

Adding a guarantee to your sales material will increase your sales.

So why are so many business people afraid to make a guarantee?

I hear many different answers to this question. Especially since, as your copywriter, I always recommend you offer a ‘money-back’ guarantee on your product or service.

And a money-back guarantee is seen as especially ‘risky’. I mean what if all your clients start asking for their money back? And what about people that want to take advantage of you? Won’t you get ‘duped’?

Well, how about we stand in your clients shoes for a moment?

You see, your client is just as afraid as you are. They’re asking questions like:

  • Will it work?
  • What happens if I’m not happy?
  • Is it really worth the money?
  • Does it live up to the promise? Etc.

And that’s where you have the upper-hand. YOU are the expert on your product or service. You can answer their questions.

You can alleviate their fears.

And that’s what making a guarantee is all about…

taking the risk away from the client…
and putting it squarely on your shoulders.

A strong guarantee – especially a money-back guarantee – will blast away people’s hesitation, doubts, fears and excuses.

If you’re willing to stand by your product or service 100%, then you will boost your client’s confidence 100%! Naturally…

You will make more sales.

I’m sure you still have that nagging question… “But what if people really aren’t happy. Won’t I lose money?”

Let’s do the math.

Say you are selling a product for $100.

Without a guarantee, you might sell 10 items per week.

Now, add a guarantee, and you start selling 20 items per week. Even if 5 people asked for their money back, you will still make more money than you did before you had your guarantee in place.

And the truth is, if your product or service is as good as you say it is, people won’t ask for their money back. But – just to ease your mind – let me tell you:

How to Offer a Guarantee… the Easy Way

Here’s how:

Simply craft your guarantee around something you already do!

People who sell products usually do offer a money-back guarantee. So stop hiding the fact. Start broadcasting your guarantee – plastering it all over your promotional materials. This will boost your sales – and you’re not even offering anything different than you did before.

Admittedly, people who sell a service have a tougher battle. That’s because you can’t ‘return time’. By that I mean – if a person asks for their money back – you don’t get your time back. And time is money.

So, if you’re a service seller, try a slightly different approach. Simply make a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If the buyer isn’t happy, you’ll work with them until they are.

In fact, that’s the kind of guarantee I make on my Copywriting services. And it works well – especially to comfort clients who have never worked with a copywriter before.

So here’s what I want you to do.

Start offering a guarantee. Don’t be shy… at least test it out. See how you go. I’m certain you’ll be pleased with the extra sales. To get you started, here’s a few tips to help you out:

  • In your marketing material, hand-write your guarantee. Of course, it can be photocopied and printed, but the original should be handwritten. This is a copywriting technique that gets excellent results.
  • Add your signature to your guarantee.
  • Online, add an audio or video recording of you stating your guarantee. There’s another excellent copywriter’s technique for boosting sales.
  • Extend your guarantee to 90 days or more. Marketing tests have shown, that by offering a longer timeframe, you get better response to your advertising… AND (this is the good part) LESS returns. The theory is that people who intended to ask for a refund end up forgetting about it… or perhaps it becomes less important to tem as time passes.

Right there, you have 4 excellent tips for crafting your guarantee.

And don’t forget, if you’re having trouble putting the right words together, I’m here to help.

All the best!

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