How to Get Real, Money-Making Results from Your Website

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Welcome Fellow Business Builder,

      If you’re right in the thick of creating (or tweaking) your selling strategy online, then you’ll want to read every word on this page….

     Here’s why: you’re about to discover how to strengthen the most vulnerable ‘link’ in your marketing chain… your sales copy… a link so critical it will make or break your success online.

     If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve worked like a trooper to get this far. You’ve created a product or service from scratch. You’ve probably already developed your website, formalized a marketing strategy and starting to get traffic to your website. I understand…

You Sincerely Want People to Choose
Your Product Because it’s Excellent…
You’ve Got a Lot to Offer!

     And for that you have my sincere respect. Now, allow me to tell you about someone else I respect very highly. He is a man by the name of Oscar…

     Oscar is a mortgage broker and client of mine. Unfortunately for Oscar, he had to learn the hard way that the…

Major Cause of Failure
& Underachieving Websites is…
Poor Sales Copy… or No Copy at All

     Oscar – perhaps like you – had invested countless hours and sleepless nights to create his dream product. In his case, it was an eBook which would pre-sell his broking services.

     He had researched the best keywords for his niche. He is an expert in his field… and had poured his heart and soul into the eBook (which he had written himself).

     He had paid people to build a website for him, plus he was paying quite a lot of money for Google Adwords traffic.

Oscar had sown the seed, and was expecting a harvest, but…

     …even though he was getting traffic to his website, no one was downloading his eBook. No one!

     When he requested I look over his site, the reason for his struggle was obvious to me:

     He had NO sales copy! That’s right – zero "words that sell"!

      The words on his site were merely a rundown of his achievements, a bit of about his life… and a little bit of info on how to download a PDF file.

I shook my head in disbelief and said – “Oscar…”

“My Goodness! How On Earth
Do You Expect to Convert Visitors
With NO Professional Sales Copy?”

If you have…

  • NO sales copy at all… you’re setting yourself up for miserable failure! Even if you’ve got everything else right, without ‘words that sell’, your website will underachieve.
  • "El-cheapo" sales copy… okay, so you might know a few copywriting tricks; but (as you’ll soon discover on this page) there’s a whole lot more to this game than a good headline and 6 bonuses! People who are serious about marketing hire a serious copywriter… without hesitation.
  • Un-challenged sales copy… copy that never gets changed or tested stays the same since day 1… resulting in capped profits. Even if your current material is converting well, the very least you should be doing is testing new headlines.
  • ‘User Manual’ sales copy… i.e. so boring it sounds more like torture than knock-out sales material! With no effort to sell at all, don’t expect to sell anything!

Here’s the Key…

If you never tap into a professional’s arsenal of copywriting tactics, you will never realize the full potential of your business…

Everyone – no exceptions – responds to well-written, persuasive, emotionally based copy. Not everyone can write it, that’s why copywriters are often paid so much, but no one can escape its power.
– Joe Vitale, world-famous marketer.

Long-page Salesletters & Damn Good Sales Copy
Underpin the Entire Business Model
of the World’s Richest Online Marketers…
That’s Why You Should Do the Same!

     Marketers know that copywriting ‘tweaks’ – as small as changing one word – often mean the difference between a conversion rate of 1% (which is actually quite normal) and a conversion rate of 2%. 

You heard right! You could double your revenue… practically overnight!

     Imagine uploading new web copy tonight… then checking your statistics in the morning to see twice as many sales! How would you feel? What would that mean for your business?

     Wouldn’t it be a relief to see your business finally shift gears and reach it’s fullest potential?

     The good news is… you can experience this! You just need to get your hands on some excellent, professional sales copy.

Sales Copy Unleashes Power
that Massively Boosts Your Sales
(Top Marketers Understand This)

I have seen one advertisement sell 19 ½ times as much goods as another. – John Caples

     Imagine the possibilities in your own business if you get new sales copy that…

  • Adds 20%… 40%… even doubles or triples your conversion rate!
  • Cuts advertising costs.
  • Adds significant dollars to your net profit!
  • Captures your target market… holds them hostage… and closes more sales on the spot!
  • Positions you as the ultimate expert in your field… with a tightly focused, clear message.
  • Expresses your offer so powerfully that you obliterate your competition completely… suddenly you dominate your niche!

     Imagine your website sells more, surpasses your goals, fulfills your plans… and makes your vision a reality!

     These are the kinds of results you should expect from properly written, professional sales copy.

     Naturally, the opposite is also true. The wrong words… and bad copy… can decrease your response rate to devastating effect. That’s why you cannot afford to be lazy or complacent about copywriting.

…people who work in agencies, and almost all their clients… waste millions on bad advertising, when good advertising could be selling…
– David Ogilvy

     If your purpose & intent is to use the Internet to sell your product or service… it is absolutely mandatory that you stay in control of the words on your website.

Otherwise, you will underperform and probably fail to sell online.

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