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Ever since I built my husband’s business website, it has been the main source of new clients for his Western Autralian, Perth based service business.

My Portfolio and Examples WebsitesNot only has the website been a great success in lead generation, it has also received many complements from site visitors. Time and again, my husband is told “your website is by far the best website we found… it’s the reason we called”.

When he tells them I built his site, many people ask if I can also build a website for them. Well…

The answer has always been “no”… until now!

That’s right. I am now offering my services to build your website for YOU!

You see, before I began my work as a freelance direct response copywriter, I was employed as a computer techie (doing web design, database administration, client/server applications development and systems admin/support). Whilst I left my job out of boredom, I must confess…

My little secret:

Shhhh… don’t tell anyone… I’m a bit of a geek and I really enjoy building websites!

There’s nothing more rewarding that building a site from scratch, writing the sales content and seeing the finished product. Well, perhaps there is a better reward than that… actually watching people’s businesses explode when their websites starts bringing in leads. Certainly that’s what happened when I built my husband’s website.

His phone started ringing HOT!

That means he no longer has to make those painful cold-calls or go door knocking to drum up business. There are a few reasons why my websites work so well. Here’s 2 I really want to tell you about today:

  • You get my professional sales copywriting – included FREE with your website. Rather than a brochure-like website that achieves absolutely nothing, your website will SELL FOR YOU. Using great copywriting techniques such as powerful bullets, a bold guarantee, attention-grabbing headlines and a call to action, your site will turn the browsing site-visitor into a ready-to-buy prospect eager to give your their cash!
  • Your site will be SEO’d = Search Engine Optimized – included FREE. What does SEO do for you? Well, it means you’ll get traffic from Google and other search engines. Don’t get lost amongst thousands of other similar websites! Beat your competition by owning a website that gets listed at the top of the search results.

If you want to talk about how I can build a website-that-works for YOU, please use the “Hire Shona” contact form on this website.

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