Momentum is key in cash generating sales copy

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Momentum in copywriting

From the moment your reader glances upon your salesletter, you must take the lead. You must catch their attention, grab their interest… then hold them tight as you steadily guide them through your sales pitch.

If you’ve ever written a salesletter, you’ll know that’s not so easy to do!

When I’m writing a salesletter, I like to visualize a snowball rolling down a hill. Just as you see in the cartoons… it grows larger and larger… and gets faster and faster as it gathers more snow and more momentum.

That’s what I want to create in a salesletter. I want my readers to effortlessly tumble through the copy. I want them to feel compelled to read… that it’s difficult for them to click away! How do I achieve that? Here’s a few tips for creating momentum in a salesletter:

  1. Story – this is an obvious one! It’s also the easiest way to write sales copy… simply tell your story. Stories – real stories – grab people’s interest… they want to keep reading to discover what happened in the end. Integrate a great story into the beginning of your sales material and you’re onto a winner.
  2. Emotion – creating emotion in sales copy gives massive momentum. Use words, testimonials, statistics, stories and pictures to evoke emotions such as jealousy, desire, greed, hope, fear and happiness. Arousing emotions in your prospect is the glue that sticks them to your sales page. Emotions have priority over reasoning… so they’ll keep reading to satisfy their emotions, even if their mind is reasoning otherwise.
  3. Mystery - this is an area many copywriters overlook and yet it is extremely powerful in creating momentum. My favorite way to create mystery is to use cryptic bullets. These are bullets that give the reader a promise… but don’t reveal how the promise will be kept. Many times, a prospect will buy because of ONE bullet alone! Another way to create mystery is to leave your story unfinished… at least until they’ve read to the end of your sales letter. The suspense will pull them through your letter, they’ll be eager to keep reading.

So there you have 3 super copywriting tips for creating momentum in a sales latter.

Of course, there are many more. If you have your own tip, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section. Go ahead and share your ideas on this blog.

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