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Welcome to this sneak peek at some of my work. To protect my clients’ interests, some of these samples are not full versions. If you need to see more, please contact me via the contact form.Quick Jump-Links


Samples :: 3 Step Lead Generation Package (with long salesletter / ebook / report)

Sample: Financial Advisor Lead Generation Step 1 – Classified Ads
Description: Small classified ads to be placed in magazines, newspapers or modified for Google Adwords – directs people to call a number and listen to 24 hour recorded message.
Sample: Financial Advisor Lead Generation Step 2 – Phone Script
Description: Recorded message script to offer the “free report” (salesletter) – asks caller to leave name and contact details.
Sample: Financial Advisor Lead Generation Step 3 – Free Report / Salesletter
Description: Salesletter or “free report”. Delivered to prospects who have left their contact info on the recorded message.

Samples :: Short Letters, Ads, Brochures and Flyers

Sample: “Profit Secrets Revealed!” – Tri-panel FRONT
“Profit Secrets Revealed!” – Tri-panel INSIDE
Description: Copy only. No graphic design.
Offline Promotional Tri-Panel Brochure: Bookkeeping Services.
Created to demonstrate the cost-saving, profit-boosting results this bookkeeping company achieves for its clients. Previously, their brochure listed off services, but did nothing to promote the benefits to the client… this is a vast improvement. Note the headline and sub-headline on the front cover, good use of bullet points and easy contact options.
Sample: “Why Successful People Always Get What they Want… Deliberate Creation Training Camp”
Note – Large File! 3.0 Mb
Description: Copywriting & Graphic layout (used existing images to create new tri-fold layout).
Offline Promotional Tri-Panel Brochure: Motivational Training Camp.Created to inspire and motivate Rosie’s existing customers to attend the motivational weekend.
Sample: “Introducing… A Boutique Car Detailing Service Catering for Perth’s Fine & Luxury Vehicles”
Note – Large File! 1.3 Mb
Description: Offline Promotional Tri-Panel Brochure: Created to promote ’boutique services’ designed to re-position Car Class as a detailer specialising in upper-class vehicles. Goal: to generate detailing work with a high-price per job.
Sample: “Announcing: A FREE Service that Puts Spending Money Back in Your Pocket… 100% Guaranteed or You Get $50!”
Description: 1 Page letter designed to be attached to JV Partners’ letters.


Samples :: Long Sales Letters

Sample: Guitar Tips – Speed Learning Package
Description: Developed the “speed learning package” concept… and created “One box left” promotion for end of financial year, Australia.
Sample: Home Recording Studio Software
Description: Online direct response letter promoting a home recorded studio for PC downloadable software.
Sample: Deliberate Creation Workshop / Seminar
Description: Online direct response letter promoting a deliberate creation seminar to client’s pre-qualified list.
Sample: Guitar Tips – Christmas Promotion
Description: Online direct response letter selling a boxed CD set for Christmas (discs contain guitar tutorials for adults). Promotion to pre-qualified list.


Samples :: Web Sites & Web Pages – SEO Optimized!

Sample: Web Sites by Shona – Portfolio & Examples
Description: Real, working examples of sites designed, written and engineered by me.
Technologies I’m using include WordPress, HTML, Dreamweaver, Aweber and Photoshop.
Click here to Hire Shona today!
Sample: Bee Quick Towing and Tilt-Tray – Rockingham and Southern Suburbs
Description: SEO Optimised to target specific suburbs, this website features detailed pages with Google maps for each suburb in the target area. The site includes bold Call to Action and phone number with a contact form for lead capture. The photo gallery automatically links to Facebook and a backend admin panel that the website owner can use themselves to create news/blogs for better search engine rankings.
Sample: Smart Finish Cosmetic Vehicle Repairs
Description: A lead generation website featuring detailed contact form for lead capture. Other features include the impressive slider in the header, a photo gallery automatically linked to Facebook and a backend admin panel that the website owner can use themselves. The ultimate website for a DIY sole trader launching a brand new business who really needs to make their website work!
Sample: Rainbow Trail Chalets Pemberton Accommodation
Description: A lead generation website showcasing beautiful accommodation in Pemberton, South Western Australia. The owners began receiving enquiries within 2 weeks of the website going live… without paid ads. This is an example of how a well written website with excellent SEO can kick-start a new business.
Sample: Bill Stacy’s Options Day Trading Demo Site Only – Official Site Now ClosedIncome Generation Strategies & Stock Market Courses
Description: Together with Bill Stacy, I wrote much of OneDayWealth’s sales copy and designed the presentation and layout of the website pages. Technologies used include WordPress, Photoshop, HTML, php, 1ShoppingCart and more. If you’re looking for
income alternatives (and would love to quit your day job) I encourage you to consider investing in Bill Stacy’s Options Trading Courses should they ever be made available again. I own these courses myself. Highly recommended!
Sample: Thomas Buschmann’s A.C.E Mobile Mechanic Perth
Description: This is a Lead Generation website for a Perth local service provider. This website is completely written and designed by me. I began with a basic WordPress template and worked with Tom’s existing logo to create the header graphics and website colour scheme.
The website began generating leads before it was even released to the public! This is thanks to proper SEO Search Engine Optimization strategies, together with a marketing plan I designed and implemented for Tom’s site. The
website marketing plan had Tom’s Mobile Mechanic Perth website ranking on the first page of Google within 2 days of going live. Cool!


Samples :: Before vs. After Case Studies

BEFORE: “Raise Yourself Beyond”
AFTER: “Why Successful People Always Get What They Want…”
Description: Here’s a great example of the difference between “regular” copy and “direct response” copy. This is a promotional flyer for a motivational speaker. Be sure to check out the new headline, bullets, testimonials, guarantee and call to action. A dramatic difference!
Sample: “WARNING! Don’t Call Another Tree Lopping or Gardening Service Until You Read This”
Description: Offline Print Ad: Gardening/Tree Lopping – General Services and Mulch Special. Overhaul of existing promotional flyer to include direct-response techniques and make better use of ad space.


Samples :: Press Releases

Sample: “Logan City First Home Buyers Save Money with Free Mortgage Seminar”
Description: Press release to raise awareness of free First Home Buyer seminars.
Sample: “Aussie Ex-Cop: ‘Singapore’s Booming Economy Doesn’t Always Spell Success’”
Description: Press release to raise awareness of international speaker arriving to speak in Singapore.


Samples :: Email Promotions

Sample: “Car Detailing in Your Suburb”
Description: Prospecting Email – Car Detailing – No-Spam Email Prospecting. This email was sent to 150 hand-picked businesses, and resulted in more than 10 ongoing, regular clients generating more than $2000 of business to date.
Sample: “Your copywriting success depends upon…”
Description: Series of 8 autoresponder emails aimed at potential copywriting students.


Samples :: Audio Scripts

Sample: Financial Advisor Lead Generation – Phone Script
Description: Recorded message script to offer a “free report” (salesletter) – asks caller to leave name and contact details.
Sample: “The 9 Secrets of Money-Making Websites”
Description: This script was written as the basis for an audio program to be sent out to pre-qualified clients as a free promotional item.

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