Two Websites with Same Traffic Numbers: Which One Makes More Money?

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Does Your Website Keep Your Phone Ringing Hot?

Phone Ringing Hot with New Website Leads?
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I was recently chatting with two service providers in the same business. We were talking about website sales copywriting when they began comparing their website statistics. As it turned out, both service providers had approximately the same traffic numbers on their website stats reports. And yet…

One was complaining they received little or NO phone calls. The other was getting TOO MANY phone calls from their website.

Two Websites with Same Traffic: Why Such a Different Result?

Let’s take a closer look at two websites.

The first website is basically a portfolio. The content on the website is me, me, me. A lot of great information about the company. Trouble is, when visitors click through to the website, they cannot find the information they’re looking for! There is no pricing information. Contact information is difficult to find. There are no informative articles or “What’s In It For Me” content. AND the website has been designed by a professional design company to imitate the “big brands”. The net effect for this website is that it is just a fancy looking brochure, with no real stickiness. In other words, visitors are more likely to leave than to email or call.

The second website, on the other hand, is clean, simple and packed with information. There are also a few tweaks that make the website efficient in bringing in phone calls and email leads. Let’s take a look at the things that make the difference:

  • Yes, there is some information about the company, but it was worded differently. For example, instead of saying “Established Since 1990″, this website states “You Can Relax and Know that Our 20 Years Experience is Working for You”. Can you see how the statement is turned from a passive and me-focused statement, to an active, benefit-laden YOU-centered promise. Fantastic!
  • The design is not over-complicated and fancy. Instead, the site’s design is easy to navigate and is focused on providing articles and information to the visitors. The information is quality information – the kind of article visitors would want to read.
  • Contact Information is easy to find. In fact, it’s located at the top of every page.
  • There are credibility elements placed purposefully on this website. These include testimonials from happy customers, a photo of the business owner, easy contact information and quality free information designed to help visitors make a purchasing decision.
  • A call to action is also visible on every page – including a “Sign Up Now” type section and a “Call Now” at the top of each page.

If you’re looking at building a new website – or overhauling your existing site, you need to find a web consultant who understands the importance of site conversion. A good web consultant will understand how to balance design, sales copywriting, CLIENT-centered marketing and Website Traffic.

If you’re wondering why your website is not converting, take a look through the above points again and see where you could improve.

Remember, a website is not profitable if it gets truck loads of traffic but does not convert. Likewise, a website is not profitable if it converts at 100%, but gets no traffic.

If you’d like me to help YOU find the right balance of traffic and conversions for YOUR website, please contact me.

Market well. Profit well.

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